Growing, and thus hiring...

mobile developer - iOS / Android (swift/kotlin)

We are looking for a full time mobile developer to build and scale our product ArchiSnapper to the next level.

  • You will work on: mobile features, automation, automated testing (appium), API and integration with our backend, technical support, debugging, testing, maintenance, scaling.
  • You fit in our company spirit: we believe in open communication with lots of autonomy and responsibility for the individuals in our team. You love your job and you are passionate about it, you are driven and motivated, you hunt successes. We do not believe in work-for-work, useless tasks and average quality. We have a very flat and horizontal company culture, there are no “bosses” and “employees”.
  • Our only “bosses” are our paying users / clients.
  • You are not happy when our client is not happy.
  • You write maintainable, good, stable, tested quality code. We don’t accept dirty code. Your code is not over-engineered, very readable and simple and to the point. Less is more. Be pragmatic
  • You work from home and show the necessary responsibility.
  • You have a lot of freedom, so you can deal with a lot of freedom as well & behave proactive.
  • You work when you want and where you want, as long as it does not disturb the collaboration and the efficiëncy. Daily alignment and online presence (on Skype, Slack, … ) is of course needed.
  • We all work remote, so we Skype very regularly.
  • You are pragmatic. You won’t lose too much time on irrelevant details.
  • You believe in our company values: solving problems, pragmatism, no-nonsense, simplicity, quality, transparency.
  • The ultimate goal is providing value to clients. Clients only will pay and keep on paying for real value for them. We provide value to our clients with software.
  • You are communicative and can collaborate with developers and project managers.
  • You speak and write English. Not perfect, but good enough to collaborate with team mates.
  • You know at least SWIFT or KOTLIN good to very good, and the other one "basic". If you have a strong experience in iOS, you should know the Android basics, or vica versa. If you just know one, then you should be willing to learn the other one.
  • If you know Swift and Kotlin very good, that's a very good plus
  • You have full time focus on ArchiSnapper. We don’t want your attention spread, we want you to work solely on ArchiSnapper projects. The subconscious mind works best when it is focused on one task. We want this to be your sole focus for that reason. Of course, small fun side projects are allowed after aligning with ArchiSnapper.
  • You can invoice us as a freelancer. We provide a long term freelancing contract.
  • To challenge us, tell us if we are an idiot if we are being one. In other words, don’t blindly listen to us. We are not your boss, we are partners.
  • You must have a track record for completing and finishing projects and tasks. Working them through to completion. Too many developers just do 90%. You must be a 100%’er or we can’t work together.
  • You will work on one long term project and code base, not on different smaller projects. It is a growing SaaS product, which is well tested and well maintained, a clean codebase.
  • You must be a problem solver. Don’t come to us with problems, come to us with a problem and then the potential solutions for the problem. Then – we can brainstorm and pick one of the solutions. We don’t expect you to know solutions to all problems, but we expect you to consult forums and use google to find possible solutions to problems on your own. We want a driver, not someone we have to babysit.
  • You like Agile Development. Release early, release often, get feedback, and make progress. Done is better than perfect.
  • Can hack together some HTML and CSS if needed. You know some basic UI rules. We don’t expect a UI guru, but the basics should be known.
  • To release features on time. If a client is expecting a feature, you understand that it’s better to ship the feature at 80% (so the client can already use it), and do the remaining 20% in the week after. This is pragmatism and agile development.
  • When releasing a feature, bug test it yourself before shipping to the client. Don’t ship a feature you have not tested once. The client is not your initial bug tester.
  • You join a small team of developers, so your personal impact and input will make a relatively big difference in our growth. Your work will directly influence our growth (example: building a features which clients will pay for), and therefore we will share our SaaS numbers and growth with you as we do with our other employees.
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