Inspect on site

No more pen and paper. Efficiently document observations on site, with pictures, location pointers on drawings and more.

Document observations with pictures and more

Add text and snap a photo to record observations or issues on site with your phone or tablet. Sketch and annotate on your photos to communicate more clearly. Complete the items with assignees, due dates, trades, observation status and location pointers.

Use your voice to write notes with voice to text

Voice to text makes note entry even faster and easier as you walk the site. Give it a try, you'll be surprised how good it works.

Add pointers and annotations on drawings

Show other parties exactly where items are located by placing numbered pointers on plans. Or annotate and draw on the plans to illustrate things.

Complete the observations online

No need to write out the observations and field reports completely on site with your tablet or phone. After syncing you can continue editing them from your desktop.